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The Orchestre International du Vetex is a crazy brassband with musicians coming from Belgium, France and the Balkans. The band created its own musical universe: their music is a loco combination of latin inspired Balkan music mixed up with tarantella, polka or cumbia. All settled in a nice punky package!


Within 13 years, they performed more than 900 concerts. From the streets of Brussels, Lille, London or Sarajevo to the World Music stage of Sofia, Graz, Beijing, Belgrade, Budapest, Praha, Milano, Buenos Aires, Zürich, Amsterdam, Paris, Malaga or the Montreal Jazz Festival.  

But Orchestre International du Vetex is also  the perfect band for an amazing theatre show. In 2009 they presented "Balkan Banquets", an original performance where the band is backed up by the incredible Mostar-born singer Jelena Milusic and several other musicians from the Balkans. Since 2011 they also collaborate with several musicians from Argentina presenting the performance 'Rumbabalkanika'.

For 2018-2019 Orchestre International du Vetex is preparing a brand new album, as well as a thrilling theatre performance based on the novel 'Black Leaves' from the Polish-Belgian writer Maya Wolny and the charactre of the Jewish-Belgian-Polish photographer Julia Pirotte...

"Winner of the Beyond World Music Award 2006"

"Amazing, definitely the Mano Negra within the brassbands"

(Stefan Pejovic, Radio BH1, Sarajevo)

"Expect the unexpected, but expect it to be stimulating"


'If this is Belgium calling, please keep this country together!"

(Bernard Perret, Radio Jazzman, Paris)






















































Jacob Willem

Barytone Sax

Jean-Baptiste Lison


Matthieu Levecque Trumpet

Loes Coolen   Trumpet

Annelies Remaut Bass Drum

Mathieu Gassie

Alt Sax

Tomas Bulcaen


Benoît Blanc


Jan Cuvelier


Dries Degrande


Laurent Dionet

Alt Sax

Pieter Dubois


Dimitri Simoen


Tobe Wouters 


Thomas Morzewski


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