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Europe is calling !

Mid May, time for spreading some festival news and sure we'll cross the continent this summer ! Beginning of July for the first time at the great international street theater festival in Krakow 'Ulica' for 4 days from where we head on towards the south of France for some shows. Than we'll do a stopover in Benelux, Zwarte Cross and Esperanzah! and move on to Austria where we play for the second time in Graz at the amazing La Strada Festival. THis and more, check it out in our calendar and watch some more news, footage, photos and roadmovies...


Vetex is chosen amongst a long list of live-bands and acts, especially into the field of streettheatre, to perform live beyond a professional audience during the 27th "Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg" (Germany). This will happen on Wednesday-evening, 28th of January. For the band, this is a big opportunity to show themselves as great and vivid live-act and to get in contact with hundreds of bookings-agents, festivals and street-events, in Germany and far abroad.

RUMBABALKANIKA blows away your cold winter harms

The crazy brass band has turned 10 and that means it's party time! Some members of the Orchestre International du Vetex invites several musical friends: Jelena Milusic (vocals) and Ivan Susac (trumpet) provide the rakia from Bosnia-Herzegoniva and Valentina Etchart (vocals), Fernando Bas (latin percussion) and Juan Sans (accordeon) spice things up with the maté and asado from Argentina.

One moment you'll hear catchy dance tunes, the next you're treated to calmer, more emotionally-charged a-cappella songs.


We spent a great summer, playing at different stages, in lots of countries, always with a smiling and great audience, thank you !!

But, there's more to come, ndian summer is waiting for us. Check out the new dates, and come and see us playing...


Vetex goes south by south-east this summer!

What a great summertour Vetex is about to take off. First stop end of July is the great French international street theater festival in the beautiful setting of Chalon-sur-Saône. Vetex is chosen by a select jury to promote its street theater act during “Chalon dans la Rue” in front of thousands of concert promoters, festivals and street events from all over the world. Next halting place is our beloved Czech Republic, where Vetex is invited to play at the Puppetrock Festival in Plzen, European Cultural Capital in 2015. Spending some time in Czechia (Prague, Telc), Vetex is heading to the south